Handling the Psychological Aspect of Criminal and Civil Investigations

Idigo Forensic and Clinical Psychology is a business led by a skilled forensic psychologist. I serve different people in New Jersey, conducting different assessments and providing my professional expertise to aid in civil and criminal matters.

Criminal Forensic Evaluations

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Violence Risk

This evaluation aims to identify whether a person has a mental disorder and their potential level of future dangerousness. However, the violence risk assessment is not used to verify whether an individual committed a specific offense.


Psychosexual Evaluation

In this psychological evaluation, there is an additional emphasis on the following:

  • Sexual Development
  • Behaviors
  • Interests
  • Thoughts
  • Values

This assessment also includes the examination of a person’s risk of committing future sexual offenses. The evaluation uses evidence-based actuarial and structured professional judgement risk assessment instruments.

Civil Forensic Evaluations


Family Court

In some cases, courts require detailed psychological information about a parent and their child’s relationship. A forensic psychologist helps answer questions about parenting issues or address general parental capacity.

  • Child Custody
  • Parenting Risk
  • Relocation Risk
  • Substance Abuse and Addictive Behaviors


Individuals and couples need a psychological evaluation to assess their emotional stability and readiness to adopt and parent a child.

The assessment focuses on the following factors:

  • Potential Underlying Psychopathology
  • Quality of the Marital Relationship
  • Intended Child-Rearing Practices
  • Motivations for Adoption

Independent Medical Examination (IME)

This evaluation quantifies the presence or extent of cognitive and/or emotional change following actual or suspected illness or injury. An IME can also be conducted for legal purposes to obtain a second opinion about diagnosis or treatment and to:

  • Determine Suitability for Specific Types of Employment
  • Evaluate Possible Impairments With Specific Tasks


Forensic mental health evaluations are essential for immigration cases, particularly for people who have experienced trauma. The most common immigration evaluations include:

  • Extreme Hardship Waivers
  • Political Asylum
  • Naturalization Waivers (N-648)

Personal Injury

The court often needs a psychologist’s expertise to determine whether mental injury exists, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A personal injury evaluation includes:

  • Clinical Interview
  • Record Review
  • Psychological Testing
  • Contacting Collateral Sources in the Case

Public Safety

A forensic assessment is done for various matters in public safety, such as:

  • Fitness for Duty
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Critical Incident Debriefing
  • Wellness Session For Law Enforcement

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